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  • q:What do i need to do before i can start driving?

    a:Before getting starrted, make sure you contact to get registered and from there you could be helped with any worry you have

  • q:Do I need to undergo a test before I can go in for recycling training?

    a:you would definetly need to take a test before being able to start your recycling lessons. This test will help us know how much you know about driving and from there we will know how to work with you.

  • q:Are driving school book or handout available for students?

    a:Yes we have a detailed and professional driving school handouts/manual that are used by the students during their driving lessons.

  • q:Do you provide intensive driving lessons/classes

    a:We offer intensive driving lessons in different packages and can customize according to your individual needs.

  • q:What is the defensive driving course about?

    a:This training is for someone who already drives but wants to be trained on major core road safety measures to be used on the road that will keep him safe and also the person driving either behind or infront of him safe.

  • q:Can i book one week intensive driving course

    a:Yes, as for as, you got Cameroon Provisional driving license and have passed theory test, you can book one week intensive driving course.

  • q:Do you provide automatic intensive driving course?

    a:HIGHUPWEB Driving School deliver manual and automatic intensive driving courses 5 days a week, from 8 am to 6pm.

  • q:How often do you offer 5 days driving courses?

    a:We offer this course every week, but you need to book 1 week in advance, as all place fills quickly.

  • q:Is HIGHUPWEB Driving school a crash corse driving shcool?

    a:Yes, we are specialist for crash and fast pass driving courses.

  • q:Can i pass by attending, 1 week intensive driving course?

    a:This totally depends on the learner, you may pass in a week, you may pass in a couple of months, it depends on the individual

  • q:Is the one week driving course gauranteed pass?

    a:We provide a week intensive crash course, but again not guaranteed pass as this will correlate to your effort

  • q:What makes HIGHUPWEB a fast pass driving school?

    a:We offer a range of crash driving course and intensive driving courses, and our first time pass rate is 99%!

  • q:Is there any week long driving course?

    a:We offer a 5 day driving crash course/intensive driving courses for both automatic and manual transmission.

  • q:Do you take payments by Moblie Money Payments

    a:Yes, we do accept payments by Mobile money, which include a 4.5% facilitation charges as well.

  • q:Do you take card payments?

    a:No, for the main time we do not accept card payments.

  • q:What hours are the courses?

    a:The time schedule for our training actually depends on the training you go in for.

  • q:Do you guarantee that i will be a great driver after this training?

    a:Yes we do guarantee you that after the completion of driving lesson, you will be a great driver.

  • q:Do you provide driving lessons outside of your Defensive Dring lessons?

    a:Yes we other driving lessons like the Normal Training, Accelerated Training, Prestige Training and the Recycline training.

  • q:Why are your courses better values than others?

    a:Because we customize our courses according to your individual requirements, to learn to drive. We are different to others as we provide driving lessons from 8am to 6pm which no one else does, not only this but we assess you for 2 hours from which we can judge how many lessons you need to pass.

  • q:Do you offer 2 weeks intensive driving course?

    a:Yes we do, these will all be available on our accelerated training course

  • q:How many lessons to pass drving test in automatic?

    a:It is definitely easier, than manual but it will depend on the individuals personal hard work and effort, you may pass in 10 lessons, you may pass in 25 lessons

  • q:What are your pass rates

    a:Our pass rate is 99% at first attempt due to our high-quality promise from our team of instructors.

  • q:Is it ok to cancel driving sessions?

    a:We are able to cancel your driving lesson 48 hours before the actual lesson, else we will charge the full price

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