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HIGHUPWEB Driving School is committed to creating a new culture of learning. We understand the challenges posed when you embark on the journey to learn how to drive and face countless obstacles. Most driving beginners feel pressured, intimidated, and anxious when learning to drive. This is what we aim to change. With our highly qualified and skilled instructors, you are guaranteed to learn in a safe, comfortable, and stress-free environment so you can become a driving expert in a short period.

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Course to drive with confidence



Per Person

Normal training

The ultimate course for beginners. You will start from the very basics and develop your driving skills, progressing to an advanced level. You can complete this course in as little as 6 weeks, or as long as 2 months — you choose!

Theory Session
40 Hours
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Accelerated training

Perfect for you if you haven’t driven much, but you learn and grasp things quickly. You’ll spend these hours focusing on the things you have yet to cover, and cementing your current experience. You can complete this course in as little as 7 days, or as long as 2 weeks — you choose!

Theory Session
20 Hours
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Per Person

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We offer top-notch driving instruction designed to help prepare you for the challenges of driving, avoid aggressive drivers and observe road signs and laws. Our road test preparation will help you get your driver’s license–we’ll even pick you up from your home, school or work.

At HIGHUPWEB Driving School,

we are committed to helping our students become responsible defensive drivers who are fully prepared to keep our roadways safe.


Choosing A Driving School

The right driving school is accredited according to state laws and will prepare you to be a safe, confident driver.


Driving Basics

When you first start learning to drive, it can seem a little overwhelming. We know that, but don’t worry – you’re in good hands!


Road Test Preparation

Practice makes perfect! We know you’ve heard that before, but it’s especially true with driving. We meet you at the HDS.

Valuable Packages & Offers

From 75,000fcfaper person

Recycling Training

  • TheoryDepends
  • PracticalDepends
  • 7 Days2 hr/day
  • Car TypeBasic Model

From 110,000fcfaper person

Normal Training

  • Theory40 Hours
  • Practical20 Hours
  • 60 Days2 hours/day
  • Car TypeBasic Model

From 250,000fcfaper person

Prestige Training

  • Theory40 hours
  • Practical20 hours
  • DaysDepends
  • Car TypeBasic Model

Why Choose Us

We pride ourselves on friendly advice and flexible teaching styles durng your driving lessons, to ensure you feel at ease throughout the learning process whilst giving you the skills you need to pass your driving test with confidence, enjoy driving and to be safe on the roads in the future.

Approved Institute

Experienced & Trusted

Modern Techniques

Trained Instructors

HIGHUPWEB Driving School has been established for over 1 year and has taught hundreds of learners through the help of over 10 male and female instructors.

Our approach to driver training has always been to make sure that the experience for learning and teaching is relaxed, enjoyable and professional with the end aim to have you passed the test aswell as being confident on the roads.

  • Sucessful, Established and Trusted.
  • Covering most of the Yaounde and continuesly looking to expand.
  • Exceptionally and professionally trained male and female instrustor.
  • High Pass Rates.

Reviews & Testimonials

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Trust Score 4.5 (Based on 2,500 reviews)

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This is the Best Driving
School in Yaounde.

Best driving school I’ve ever been to I love it because the instructors are very patient, Professional, understanding & help they helped me gain my confidence of driving, I highly recommend them

Ashley Frances


Great Experience at
Highupweb Driving School.

I could not imagine that a driving school in Yaounde will be this amazing. It is state of art facility with rich contents and outstanding trainers. It was fun learning & I enjoyed the whole learning experience.

Marouff Tidjanis

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